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For families seeking alternative housing services for adults:  Shared Living Model is similar to foster care.  Shared Living Model’s emphasis is in directing care to a more cooperative sharing of space and supports between adults. The individual becomes part of the fabric of the provider’s family, home and community.  Shared Living provider  supports the client with daily living skills, personal care, organization and scheduling of appointments, transportation, community inclusion, interpersonal skill development and a whole host of other supports. Many of the people living in an Shared Living Model are attending community support programs and/or are employed. Client’s family are encouraged to remain actively involved and provide support and guidance for their family member and the Shared Living  provider.In some cases it is appropriate for a family member to become the shared living provider. This model can be specifically tailored to the client's needs.

On behalf of DHHS-OADS Port Resources, as an approved administrator,  assist OADS in the recruitment and matching the individual’s and team needs with an appropriate home and Shared Living provider.


Administrative Service:

Port Resources provides administrative oversight for the independent Shared Living Model contractors,  who operate throughout Southern Maine.  Port Resources, as an administrator, ensures that client’s needs are being met and that their health and safety remain a priority. Port Resources also provides Shared Living providers support and assistance to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations. Port Resources also offers supportive options including:

  • Training opportunities so the contractors can meet their professional development needs. (see our Training section).
  • Supports to the client and their providers throughout Person Centered Planning (PCP) process.


Individuals and families interested in Shared Living Model services should consult with their case manager or contact the closest DHHS/OADS office. There are certain eligibility requirements established by the Department of Health and Human Services through the MaineCare (Section 21, Home and Community Based Waiver Services Program.) The Mainecare Benefits Manual Chapter II Home and Community Benefits for Members with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder Chapter 101 Page 8 will provide you with all of the eligibility criteria located at

Referral Process

Click here to access our printable referral form. 

If you are interested in receiving Shared Living Model services, and you are eligible for Section 21 Services, a referral (vendor call) for services will be coordinated by your case manager and submitted by the DHHS/OADS. The referral will be received by Port Resources and other eligible agencies. You may specify your oversight agency preferences through your case manager.

If you are interested in becoming a provider, applications for these services can be obtained through the DHHS/Office of Aging and Developmental Services. You may specify your oversight agency preferences through the assigned case worker and Port Resources directly. Port Resources regularly recruits and advertises for interested Shared Living  providers and will accept your call directly for assistance in this process.

For additional information visit the DHHS/OADS information page through the link provided HERE


We suggest you read the Shared Living Model Handbook for more details about the specific roles and responsibilities. If you have an interest in being supported by Port Resources please contact us directly.

To contact Port Resources directly
Individuals, families, and any Shared Living Model provider or prospective provider interested in learning more about Port Resources’ services may contact Melissa Grabler, Shared Living Model Manager, by phone at (207) 828-0048 or via e-mail at