Course Description

The old idea of “taking Care” has disappeared. We are in a new era of service delivery that is far more complicated and challenging than ever before. This course has been designed to help unlicensed entry-level workers gain new skills, values, and knowledge to meet these challenges. Successful completion of the training qualifies an individual to provide direct support to patients in assisted living programs, residential care facilities, adult day services programs and home care settings.

The 50 hour PSS course introduces essential care principles, best practices and values a professional utilizes in real work and health care settings. Course participants will engage in hands-on learning activities and exercises to demonstrate skill proficiency. Performance feedback will be provided by the instructor in all areas of skill development.


****Our Program is one of the very few that allows participants to demonstrate their classroom learned clinical skills in a real world setting. We partner with area Assisted Living Facilities that allow our participants to complete a supervised shift with a full caseload.