Nicole Levesque


I work professionally as a Sales Analyst for Emery-Waterhouse.  Although I have been on the Board for only three years, I have been associated with Port for well over 10 as my brother is one of Port's consumers.  Growing up with a mentally disabled sibling has taught me so many things: patience, perspective and responsibility.

As I have gotten older, I wanted to share my experiences as well as assist in continuing to make organizations like Port successful.  I cannot speak enough about how much Port has helped not only my brother but also my parents and I cope with all the challenges that one faces when tasked with caring for a disabled person.  Port's number one priority is the health and safety of its consumers and the sense of peace that this gives families is indescribable. 

I am truly honored to be part of an organization with a mission statement that they practice:  Port Resources is dedicated to empowering people with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges to live meaningful and fulfilled lives in their communities.  That's all we as families can ask for.

Outside of my professional career and Port Resources I enjoy spending time with my dogs Luke and Otis.  I do believe my friends refer to me as crazy dog lady...and I'm good with that!