Our Vision

To be the most respected provider and the agency of choice for our consumers, their families, and the community by providing quality and exemplary services.

To be progressive in outlook and proactive in service.

To have a well-trained, committed, and professional staff dedicated to excellence and creativity in all dimensions.

To find creative and affirming ways to meet the needs of the people we support by pursuing resources inside and outside of our agency to enrich their lives.

To enhance society’s perception of people with developmental disabilities by emphasizing our consumers’ strengths, achievements, and contributions to society.

To promote and advocate for the acceptance of the field of human services as valuable, necessary, and beneficial to society.

To continually re-evaluate the scope and relevance of our services and make appropriate and timely adjustments to meet current and anticipated needs.

To create a network of support for the families and guardians of the people we support.

To empower people to have the most self-determined and independent lifestyle possible.

Our Values

Respect for the honor, integrity, and dignity of all persons.

Participation of stakeholders in decision-making and strategic planning.

Assistance with and advocacy for the hopes and dreams of the people we support.

Commitment to proactive, person-centered support services

Promotion of a team approach to encourage all people to make choices, enhance their lifestyles, and develop goals consistent with growth and independence.

Dedication to lifelong learning along with personal and professional growth for our consumers and staff.

Adherence to principles of fiscal responsibility and responsible use of resources with the aspiration of financial independence.