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I've never heard of Port Resources. What should I know about your organization?

Port Resources provides many services: residential, outreach, outpatient mental health, professional development, and software services.  Residentially we support individuals in group homes with 24-hour staffing, independent apartments, as well as Shared Living models.  Port Resources provides outreach services through In-Home Supports and HCT services directly in the family home. Outpatient mental health services offers psychiatric, psychological, individual and family counseling services. Our professional development services offer a full spectrum of training and certification programs available to direct support professionals, human service workers, clinicians, special education professionals, and others. Finally, our software services are available to provider organizations to support compliant Medicaid billing and record keeping.

Port Resources is consumer centered and driven. We value our staff and acknowledge their contributions to the organization’s success. Port Resources is willing to take chances to empower our consumers to have unique and life-changing experiences.

When was Port Resources founded and why?

Port Resources was incorporated in December 1979 and opened its first group home in July 1980; a six-bed group home on Emery Street in Portland—now two, four-person apartments referred to as the "Munroe House," in honor of Elmer Munroe. Port Resources was established as part of the movement to de-institutionalize individuals with development disabilities from Pineland.

What are the biggest challenges facing those you serve?

There are many challenges: the lack of social opportunities outside of Port Resources, finding suitable employment opportunities, finding adequate and quality medical and dental services, community acceptance, funding, the lack of natural support, rightful education support, ongoing transition of staff and changing living environments.


What is the biggest challenge your agency faces in the immediate future?

Port Resources is very concerned by the ongoing budget cuts to agencies like ours. In the past several years Port Resources has received over two million dollars in cuts. The organization has adapted its current services as well as diversified its services to maintain stability, but further cuts would result in a reduction of services to those we support. We are proud that we run efficient programs, but we continue to face increased business costs in all areas—most significantly in rising insurance costs. We cannot absorb such cuts without consumers experiencing meaningful losses in services.

In what communities do you offer In-Home Support and HCT services?

Port Resources provides In-Home Support and HCT services in communities across Southern Maine. We are currently serving children as far north as New Gloucester, as far west as Berwick, and as far south as York.

If we are interested in services,  what do we do?

If you would like more information about our outpatient, outreach or residential services, please contact Frances Ryan, Director of Operations.

If you have questions or would like to sign up for a training please contact Hope Lanza.

Frances and Hope can be reached at our central office 207-828-0048.

Have a question about Port Resources? We would love to answer it. Contact Us.