Geriatric clients will increase awareness and acceptance of the aging & grieving process, gain knowledge about their mental and behavioral health challenges, as well as learn coping skills when faced with a memory loss diagnosis.  Ultimately individuals will find purpose and meaning to improve the quality of their lives.

Benefits for Clients/Families and Facilities

  • On-site outpatient services in the comfort of the client’s residence
  • Collaborative support with the client, the family and the facility
  • Facility nursing/medical staff learn from the visiting practitioners and vice versa regarding improving the individual’s quality of life
  • Providing a deeper understanding of psychological diagnoses to enhance client treatment

Additional Services for Residential Facility Nursing/Medical Staff

  • Contracted on-site trainings for staff on topics such as trauma, informed treatments, ethics, boundaries and more
  • CNA/RNA/CRMA training at Port Resources central office in South Portland
  • Contracted team behavioral health consultation for behavioral issues using a collaborative team approach
  • Contracted skilled nursing and hospice consultations for continued care

Referral Process

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