The AIM project is a way of delivering support services that are designed  for young adults with ASD.  We focus on preparing individuals for  adulthood by helping them build skills, expanding their natural community support system, and rehearsals.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work with individuals on daily living, leisure, and how to develop and maintain natural supports. Throughout its services, AIM supports each individual’s vocational, recreational, social and educational pursuits.   

AIM focuses heavily on forming groups of individuals, which allows for social cognition and interaction training as a component of treatment, since this is an area of challenge for youth with high functioning autism.  Administrative support and supervision is provided by a Master’s Level Clinician with significant experience with youth and young adults with ASD. Support Services are provided based on an individual’s needs and eligibility. Possible services include:  Home Support (21 & 29 Waiver), Community Support (29 Waiver), Outpatient Therapy, Psychiatric Services and Psychological Evaluation.

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Contact Thomas Riddell LCPC, Associate Director of Community Based Services, at or (207) 828-0048